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  • What does BIM cost?
    BIM COST vs BIM VALUE “Price is what you pay; value is what you get” -Warren Buffett While there is a cost to BIM, if it is utilized properly, there should be a net benefit to your project. You should save far more than you invest. COST There are substantial software costs. There is time and effort in obtaining all the necessary information. There is modelling time and coordination time, all of which cost money. If you are only using BIM to fulfill a contractual obligation, these will be a net cost to your job that you will have to account for in order to remain profitable. That would be the “Price” of BIM. VALUE What about the “Value”? How can we realize the benefits of BIM? At 3DBIMworx, we know from experience that the BIM process, done properly, can bring substantial value to a construction project. BIM can, and should be, a net benefit to a project. Every dollar spent on BIM should result in several dollars’ worth of savings. Were you awarded a job that requires you to participate in BIM but have no idea where to start, or what is involved? We can work with you to meet your obligations while minimizing the costs. That said, we would much rather help you to get the value available by participating in the BIM process. FACTORS The value of BIM comes from several factors. One of the factors lies in the quality of your models. Are they accurate? Are they constructible? Do they meet codes? These are the factors we account for at 3DBIMworx. We use qualified, experienced tradesmen to create your models. Our designers have spent time in the field constructing mechanical systems, so we know what works and what doesn’t work. We know the codes and what it takes to pass your inspections. When coordination issues arise, we have the expertise to develop the most sensible, cost effective solutions. We have generated countless assemblies over the years with pinpoint accuracy, that have been prefabricated in a shop, taken out to the field and installed with precision. Our experience and trade knowledge are what set us apart from our competitors. So, you can account for one of the factors of successful BIM simply by hiring 3DBIMworx! The other factors depend on all the parties involved. BIM is a collaborative process. To fully realize all the benefits of the BIM process, the “Value” of BIM, requires participation and input from the same people involved in the construction process. A fully coordinated, constructible model might look great on the computer, but if that model does not match what is installed in the field, then we have wasted all that time and effort. 3DBIMworx will work with your foremen and supervisors to get their input while the models are being drawn and coordinated. Then we will work with them to get the resulting information into their hands. This can be in the form of dimensioned and annotated drawings, a model they can view on an iPad in the field, or ideally, both! TECHNOLOGY Technology is becoming increasingly prevalent on the jobsite. There are some great tools available today to bridge the gap between “Virtual Construction” and real-life construction. Total Stations can increase the speed and accuracy of layout and help ensure that tightly coordinated systems are installed in the correct locations. 3D Scanners can bring the real-world accurately into the digital world in remodel situations. 3DBIMworx has experience with these technologies and can help you utilize them so that you can realize the benefits of BIM.
  • What are 3DBIMworx areas of expertise?
    We come from the mechanical, HVAC & plumbing side of construction. We have more than 20 years’ experience working for mechanical contractors. We have been a part of the industry as it has evolved, and we have influenced that evolution. We are experts in modeling, coordination, and using total stations and scanners. Our experience has taught us that there is more to construction than routing pipe and duct. We consider thermal expansion, building expansion, hangers loads and connections, installation methods, and product availability to name a few. Coordination is often managed by the general contractor today, but it wasn't always that way. We have extensive experience with the coordination process. Decisions are made with the overall project in mind. The most cost effective, sensible solution is the right one.
  • What benefits can be gained from BIM?
    Validate spatial restraints and plan routing and installation sequence. Mitigate errors early. Complex and congested areas can be easily visualized Ensure code compliance and project specifications Coordinate routing of ceiling space as well as installation sequence. Maximize routing efficiency Bill of Material lists (BOMs) for purchasing accuracy and minimization of returns Delivery planning Fabrication Systems layout using total stations Allowing field professionals to focus on their tasks rather than takeoff and conflict resolution
  • What software does 3DBIMworx use?
    3DBIMworx uses the Autodesk family of software. If you have a need to have 3DBIMworx supplement your BIM team we may be able to acquire other programs as needed. Give us a call and we can see if there is a solution.
  • Isn’t BIM only used on large projects by large contractors?
    It does not have to be. That is why 3DBIMworx was created. We can provide help when you need it and you won't have the overhead and complications of a large, in-house BIM department. Maybe you have a BIM department and simply need a little help from time to time. We can help with the large projects as well as any small specific need. For example, you may only need the underground plumbing modeled so you can fabricate, layout coordinates with a total station, and plan inverts for trenching. Contact us to see where we can help.


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