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 Coordination is more than resolving clashes.

Team with 3DBIMworx to coordinate your project. 3DBIMworx will use our experience and knowledge to manage the entire coordination process.

We can....

  • Host a site where everyone can access the files and models

  • Provide progress reports in a meaningful/understandable way

  • Help to resolve issues, challenges and spatial conflicts

  • Partner with you to provide what you need to make your project successful

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BIM Modeling Services

3DBIMworx will provide modeling services to fit your needs. We are experts in the industry and can provide a complete coordinated model including spools sheets and useful, usable reports showing the manufacturers parts and fabrication standards that your company uses. We come from the industry and understand that the modeling is only the beginning. In order to realize the full benefit of our efforts there are many outputs that can be capitalized on. Bill of material’s (BOM), spool sheets, coordination of data for use with a total station, code compliance, equipment operating clearances, etc. We also understand some projects may only need a streamlined version of the modeling. You may only need a mechanical room modeled for fabrication or a typical room laid out as an installation template for your crew. 3DBIMworx will provide you with the solutions that you need.

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Prefabrication is the process in which construction work is done (often) off-site in a facility with optimal conditions and delivered to the site for final assembly/installation. Prefabrication is one of the biggest net positive returns of workflow efficiency. From an accurate BIM model, spools sheets and downloads can be exported directly to fabrication and material lists exported to purchasing. Fabrication can be limited to a repetitive assembly or a unique, complicated skid or include everything in the model to streamline workflows and deliveries.

We understand the constructability of prefab. 3DBIMworx’s experience in the industry gives us the ability to build a successful model virtually and then implement it in reality.

Delivering our Services and Collaboration

3DBIMworx services are provided primarily in our offices. We can host a platform to share all models and drawings. Web-based collaboration, phone calls, video calls, and electronic documents are the primary means of communication. We also understand the need for a personal presence. We can meet in the field, in your offices, or walk the job as needed. Communication is critical to success!

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